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Whats in Klonia?
Ecklonia Cava
A rare species of sea grass. (non endangered) Ecklonia Cava is harvested from the sea in the regions of Korea. This rare underwater grass contains very unique, yet very potent polyphenols. Ecklonia Cava has been used in Asia for decades, only recently gaining recognition in the United States.
Over 30 million dollars of scientific research was done by Dr. Haengwoo Lee of Korea. According to this research Ecklonia Cava is a super anti-oxidant. Its free radical scavenging ability is more than 100 times that of any land based plant. These anti-oxidant properties last in the body for 24 hours. (Green tea only last in the body for 15 minutes.)
Camu Camu
A Super Food. One of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C, estimated more than 30 times that found in oranges.
Amla Berry
Known as Indian Goose Berry. Packed with a high density of polyphenols.
Rich in Ellagic Acid – known to support clean arteries. Supports Kidney & Liver detoxification.
Aloe Vera
Super absorption into the cell walls. Soothing membranes and tissues. Assists the body in tissues repair and aids in proper elimination.
Cordyceps Mushrooms
Rare fungus from the highlands of Tibet, known to help promote:
Strength, Stamina and Recovery.
Promotes normal HDL levels.
Vitality and healthy oxygen levels.
Used by many male and female athletes.
Maca Root
Known to balance hormone levels naturally in men and women. Supports lasting energy and weight management. Helps reduce cravings. Acts as a type of reset button for the endocrine system for natural balance. High B12 (vegetarian source)
Lu Rong & Lu Jiao Jiao  ( Deer Antler)
Supports healthy: Pituitary Gland to make your own HGH. Helps build strong, lean muscles. Energy & Stamina. Development in children.
Royal Jelly
Promotes healthy: Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Tumor responses. Packed with vitamins and minerals. Known to promote lasting energy. Studies have shown it may improve cholesterol profile.
Yucca Root
Studies have shown it can assist the body in buildup of oxygen free radicals. High in Resveratrol. Supports joint health. Attaches to cholesterol and doesn’t let it absorb in the body.
Yerba Mate'
Supports healthy:
Physical endurance without taxing the adrenal glands.
Weight Management.
Cardiovascular Function.
High in Anti-Oxidants.
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